Brookstreet folds........

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  1. Why not?
  2. I'm not a pumper, and I don't want to be accused of being one. Beside, Michael Scott will put out a chart of it, and I'll get dizzy.
  3. "Brookstreet managed $571.6 million in 3,644 accounts, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission report. The report said 75 percent were individual investors who did not qualify as "high net worth," which means they had investable assets of less than $750,000."

    The disease is spreading. What ever else they own that is sellable will get sold. Their investors will be doing the same.

    Silly wabbits weaching for big weturns.
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    I just received some court papers to fill out related to bubble tech stocks since 2000. These people may not see any money back for a long time.
  5. This is rich. Notice how these masterminds of finance step up to take responsiblity.

    Oh, to be a securities fraud litigator. I think there is some work to be had. 1.5 mill. Poof. And not because the firm went under. Because it went to zero. He probably has a debit in the account.

    And now, they'll uncover then naked shorted stuff. Breaks my achin' heart.
  6. Financial stocks were all way down this afternoon.
  7. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it sounds juvenile but hey, it's a west coast east coast thang.

    California got duped on Enron, Amaranth, now Irvine.
  8. Does anybody know any stocks BKST, Brookstreet, was active in? All these stocks naked shorted by them are now at Fidelity with a zero basis?

    Friday was a very good day for SHO, and naked shorted stocks that are probably grandfathered. It appears there is some covering, and a watch list might yield some very nice profits.
  9. LOl.. haven't they discovered it yet?
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