Brooklyn rabbi is charged with $4M hedge fund blackmail scheme

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Waiting, Feb 20, 2010.

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  4. All the snakes and vampires hang out together

    "Balkany, known as the "Brooklyn Bundler" for his skill at campaign fund-raising - mostly Republican - said he was just trying to help a young man in prison.

    Hang them all. Hang them real high. Round up their voters too.
  5. Jews - no more, and no less, corrupt than the rest of society.

    You read the article too?

    In 2004, he agreed to pay back some $700,000 in federal grants earmarked for disabled preschoolers. So prosecutors in Manhattan's Southern District agreed not to prosecute.

    "The government had to back off. And it wasn't that much that I paid back," Balkany said Thursday night.

    Anyone who exploits children, cripples, veterans, widows, or orphans will burn in their very own circle of hell.

    I guess the real lesson here is trust no one, even men of the cloth. A little sad I think. :(
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    I completely agree but there seems to be non written rule that if you are Jewish you are OK regardless.

    This continues even after people like Bernie Madoff, 50 billion swindled in ponzi
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    Reminds me of a story how when I was a little kid and they had some ceremony with a priest, christening or something like that. And priest was giving me some traditional advice like "be good, don't lie, honor god" etc etc

    And I am told I stood up and asked dumbfounded "Why ?" and someone said because priest it telling you.

    And I asked again "Why ?"

    Somehow I knew being man of clothing means nothing :)