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  1. This is going to be a journal of my trading into the end of the year from October 4th till 2013. I will be trading options on equities in a small account.

    Starting amount: $1,811.03

    The 3 cents is important :)

    Style: Loose and aggressive

    I'll post weekly updates to better understand my own trading and because I don't want to be posting constantly. If I put on a swing trade, then I'll post it before I close it for a profit or loss.

    GOAL: By 2013 have more than $1,811.03 in the account. Noticed a lot of people having unrealistic goals on here, and perhaps doing it for the first time. I've traded small accounts and it is very easy to blow so I don't want to limit myself with weekly goals or feel bad because I missed the weekly goal. I don't need that noise.

  2. Only made 1 trade today. SPY puts and Staying short just wasn't working out, so I got out for a small gain. $20 :cool:

    Balance: $1,828.32

    The attachment shows two other trades I made this week, before I started the journal.
  3. Went long 5 $38 NUE October calls @ $1.50

    This is my first overnight trade. NUE performed well in a generally down market today, I feel safe holding over night and it's 5 contracts.

    Daily chart of NUE attached with green line indicating when I bought the contracts.
  4. Sold 5 $38 NUE October calls @ $1.96 this morning. +$200 on this trade. I tend to take profits too early, but this time the market has rolled over so I feel good about it.

    NUE 15min entry/exit of trade
  5. +$232 this week off of two NUE trades that I held for one night each. I'm currently holding 11 SU Oct. $38 calls @ $1.31. Keeping an eye on oil. This week I think it will hit $95 and should propel SU higher.