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    Looking for excellent brokers for day trading e-mini
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    I use and have nothing but great things to say about them. The customer service is top notch and I know the employees on a first name basis even though they are a thousand miles away.
  3. Have they changed their name into cytradefutures ? I once sent an email to eminilocal and got a reply from cytradefutures.
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    I use Trademaven through proActive Futures. Platform is the most reliable thing i have ever used and the commissions are great especially if you do volume.
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    There are 2 brqanches run by the same people. emini is for the futures trading part while cytrade will let you trade forex.
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    I am a broker at Global Futures and would be happy to talk to you discuss with you what makes Global Futures a excellent brokerage for trading E-minis. Feel free to call me at 877.367.3177 x 109 or email me at and we can talk about what platform would work best for you.
  7. I also use ProActive futures - with the CQG Trader platform. They are very good. Upfront advertising of their commission rates which is a breadth of fresh air!
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    is if your a sponsor. :)
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