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    I'm not sure that this is the right spot, so I apologize in advance if that's the case. Anyways, I hope someone can help me out in finding a broker that meets these requirements...

    -Must be able to open account if I reside in Canada (I know open-e-cry won't in ON or BC). Specifically, Ontario.
    -Trade futures (pretty much all the minis and some overseas)
    -Web-based (so I can enter orders from work as well). I'd like software based for my days off, but it's imperative that I could access it from any computer.
    -Option of having little or no data feeds (I get them for free from work, and I'd get hit with professional fees, which are higher-Interactive brokers)
    -No platform fees or monthly minimums
    -Don't care too much about commissions

  2. IB Canada meets all your requirements except for their minimum monthly data fee of $10 if you don't do $30 in commissions.

    IB gives US electronic futures data for free for both nonpros and pros. If you are a pro then pick "US Commodities Exchanges Professional" as your data feed. A nonpro would pick "US Securities & Commodities Non-Professional Bundle (Includes all Stock, Options, Futures and Bond markets)". You also have the choice of selecting no data feeds.
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    I would generate more than $30/mth in commissions, but it seems that they want $127 for NYSE level 1, $30 for Amex, etc.

    I'm licensed in Canada only, does anyone know if that would apply to me?

    Thanks to all others that may reply, as well as you :)
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    Anyone else? :)
  5. If you are trading futures you don't need NYSE or AMEX data, so no need to subscribe to it.

    You should call IB Canada to find out the Canadian rules for what defines a professional trader. It is the exchanges that make the rules, not the brokers.
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    Thanks again for your help. I called them. Free market data for futures with over $30 commissions generated (no problem there), and minimal for HK and Japan.