Brokers with Java APIs

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  1. So far I know IB Bas java api? Anyne else? Idealy carear onda like Lime or Sterling ?
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    This is not exactly an answer to the question... but if a broker has C/C++ API you can always create a Java wrapper using JNI.
  3. No,. But very useful...Any o pen source examples?
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    Open source examples of what? JNI? It's part of the language.

    I thought you decided to go with FIX in another thread which would make language choice irrelevant.
  5. Examples of a c++ api converted to java using JNI.... Never did it.
  6. Yep... Considered ... fix but some expirienced posters made point that it is not designed for tradeing.... So I decised to continue search... And better explore fast brokers... And their Own APIs....

    Keep seaeching !
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    I think PATSystems J-Trader is Java based. I have not used it but remember seeing it as one of the trading platforms offered by Global Futures.
  9. big difference between lime & sterling. Sterling is a single-threadded app so Java will be a waste of time IMHO.

    Pretty sure Lime has an example of their API, or at least documentation on their website and its public.
  10. Are you sure... Last time I spoke with Line They were paranoid about their API... They wanted a meeting (phone) before they decide IF they can send the documenation....
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