Brokers with checking account

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by clarodina, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. anyone wants to recommend brokers with checking accounts?
  2. I thought Schwab was supposedly good in this respect.
  3. Schwab is the way to go
  4. speedtrader- though i never used them
  5. I was with Schwab for years. Great customer service.

    Also, very expensive to trade there. At least as compared to IB. IB has a simple to use (you have to use your security token tho) ACH broker-bank deposit/withdrawl feature. It is free for a couple transfers a month. Otherwise I think it costs $1. Just send your money to your bank. Only takes usually 1 biz day. Then use your bank's billpayer.

    Checks are too easy to be defrauded with.
  6. TT1


    TD Ameritrade offers checking.
  7. Do ameritrade, charles, etrades offer visa atm? or other possible broker and whats the fees involved with inactivity, withdraw etc. e-trade seems to have web in other country like canada uk etc. any other broker have web in other country?
  8. Do the above mentioned brokers has security token like interactivebrokers? Interactiveboker don't seems to offer checking account or visa debit atm