Brokers with APIs other than IB?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by andrewbee, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Are there any brokers with Java trading APIs other than the famous IB? Particularly if they have low commissions on e-mini trades (not that I have anything against IB; just weighing up alternatives).

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  3. That'd be great to know. What I did was write a few zesty scripts with AutoHotKey so I could trade from eSignal to Infinity Brokerage GUI. This program does everything!!

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    I have heard great things about Redsky's API and Genesis (equities) in terms of extremely fast and stable API with very low fees for professional traders. If you have an arbitrage or high-frequency trading system these might be good choices.

    For retail traders, IB's API is the only good choice imo.
  5. There are MANY!

    here's (only) a few links in no particular order, and NOT intended to be a recommendation...

  6. Do any of these have a Java API? I couldn't see Java mentioned on any of their sites.

  7. To some extent, this depends on which language the platform being used is written in. For certain, if you want use J-Trader, you will be able to use a Java API. Why anyone would CHOOSE java is beyond me, but whatever works, works.

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