Brokers that support Complex Orders

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    Hi, other than IB, can someone recommend a broker that supports:

    Hidden or Iceberg orders
    Time in Force (ie triggers after a certain time)

    OCA OCO orders (one cancels all, one cancels other)

    ^^ very important, if one group of the OCA group gets partially filled, all the other orders need to resize.

    Relative orders would be good (or a method to get in and out of stocks without moving the market automatically).

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  3. Have you checked out OX? They have most of those. (I have never heard of a hidden or iceburg order) but they support complex trades and will soon be launching a new site in the next few weeks (so I am told) with even more and better stuffs.

    If you have not looked there, it can't hurt ya.

    I would love to hear what an iceburg is though... :D
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    Iceberg order shows only a small portion of shares of your large single order i.e. showing just the tip of the "iceberg". You can place it using Ameritrade's INET order.
  5. Check MB Trading. Most, if not all the features and order types you mention are supported, but they have different names. Here's order types...
    Here's time trigger...

    Osorico [former (3 yrs ago) satisfied MBT client]
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    Thanks for the replies guys, it is very helpful!


    PS: If anyone has any other brokers feel free to post!