brokers that offer weekly options

Discussion in 'Options' started by hippie, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. I don't see it on Interactive Brokers. Which brokers offer these options?
  2. I'm with IB, and they offer the weekly options. I use their WebTrader trading platform.
  3. How do we access the weekly options? I'm absolutely shocked there isn't more talk about this new product.
  4. MTE


    It's not a new product. Weeklys have around for some time now.
  5. ie daily options have been around for years but i won't tell you how to get them ah ah ah :D
  6. MTE


    They have daily index options in Australia.
  7. MTE


    You can trade weeklys with any broker that offers exchange-traded options, including Interactive Brokers (the OP probably just doesn't know how to get to them). In this respect, I like thinkorswim, as you can easily display all the options that are available on a particular underlying and the weeklys, quaterlys and non-standards are clearly marked.
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    loser :D