brokers that offer trailing stop?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by headcutter, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. What programs do you know that offer trailing stops?
  2. izeickl


    Only one that I know of is Global Forex Trading

    Not saying there are not any more, but thats only one I know of..their software is actually pretty damn nice.
    Includes a full API too. My only grief with them is when I applied to open an account it took fricking ages for them to get back to me so I ended up with someone else.
  3. any others?, trailing stop is an important feature, I am sure other traders were looking for this as well
  4. Swish


    Cybertrader has trailing alerts and can be based on bid, ask, or trade price. In order not to get jerked out of a trade by a bad tick, I always use bid and trade price for long stops and ask and trade price for short stops.
  5. This is a Forex forum. Is Cybertrader now doing FX?
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    Oops, didn't catch that.......

    I was wondering why more people hadn't replied!!!!

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  7. Yup - GFT does offer this although only in their new release version 2.0 of DealbookFX - this is still in beta phase although I believe they are preparing to move across certain live customers.