Brokers that offer high leverage on Stocks

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  1. MacDee


    Hi All, I used to trade with a broker which offered 1:100 leverage on Stocks, however since the last earnings, they strangled their leverage to 1:20. is there any brokers out there who offer 1:50 or better?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Last week i was looking for some one who can offer 1:20 and people called me crazy. I am afraid for you. :)
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  3. Which broker were you using?
  4. MacDee


    i found a broker that offers 1:25, but I was hoping to get a little better. i found plenty that offer 1:20
  5. Anyone with Lightspeed and/Or Takion platform? and accept non US clients?
  6. SteveM


    Umm. I've never heard of this in my life.
  7. schweiz


    You are never to old to learn. :D
  8. MacDee


    You should do your research, it was JAFX, that was until after last earnings season. i guess we were making too much money. In short, they are out there, but where is what I am asking...
  9. dealmaker


    You are in Malta; Malta & US are on restricted from using list, how did you trade with them (JAFX)?
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  10. carrer


    Sounds like a stock CFDs broker.
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