Brokers that are doing badly

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    Apropo of nothing......

    What a great thread.

    Thanks, all. :thumbsup::):thumbsup:
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    I really meant to say that how people (markets) reacted to Davos is stupid, which ties into the current theme of the conversation here about people as a general whole. That was the point of that video. Everyone panic-sold on some shit that was said yesterday over there, and now just look what we know, tomorrow (today). I made a bit of scratch on the YM long this morning, and have held back from getting in long again. Letting remaining losers recover without re-entering elsewhere thus increasing risk exposure is part of The Plan™.
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  3. holy passive aggressive batman. You're entitled to your opinion, just don't bring that smart mouth 'round these parts. unless you bring that husky. beautiful dog.
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  4. Hi Neuroway, As traders, we take lots of risk with our own capital. That is normal. But what shouldn't be normal is having to deal with a business.
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