Brokers that are doing badly

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  1. Sig


    I'm just curious what relevance the country in which a firm's CEO was educated in has to do with anything? Perhaps you're focusing on the wrong evaluation metrics!
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  2. Visaria


    He's looking for a pattern. Current findings are to avoid any firms with CEOs educated either in the UK or in France. :D
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  3. On hindsight, what were the warning signs that you could have heeded before these brokers went bankrupt?

    One thing I can think of is when the share price crashes if the brokers are listed. If they start dropping >10% each day for consecutive days, time to take some money out.

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  4. I had no idea that Avatrade were doing badly. Since when has this been happening?
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  5. Neuroway


    I'm just curious why do you assume I'm focused on the country the CEOs of these firms were educated? I just mentionned it, and it is as relevant as their names, their wealth or their age. Well, perhaps I struck an irrational, emotional chord there!
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  6. Neuroway


    I'm just curious why do you assume I'm looking for a pattern? :cool:
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    Seems it has gotten worse, ultimately, as per the comments I see on
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  8. Visaria


    You didn't mention their wealth or age. You did however mention their country of education, which to be frank, is a little odd and therefore it was picked up by Sig.
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  9. tommcginnis


    As far as bona fides go, I'd much rather know where/from whom someone was degreed than their age or citizenship. Age is accidental; citizenship is mostly accidental; education is a choice and so something I'd want to know.
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  10. Neuroway


    Hmm... That's probably because I work with educated people most of the time. For them, their country of education is more important than their country of citizenship or their birthplace. If you talk to your local farmer, bus driver, police officer or shopkeeper though, he's gonna ask you where you're from, not where you were educated.
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