Brokers that allow off chart trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by keri60, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. keri60


    Do you know brokers that allow to trade e-mini (and other indices futures) directly from chart without using DOM?
    I currently use OpenEcry demo but it sucks sometimes, I'm stopped of trade without any reason, some hidden orders are executed etc. They say that the real accout will be OK but I want to try another brokers too.
  2. Kingfin2


    Did you ever find a platform?
  3. Ninja Trader.
  4. IB chart trader
  5. keri60


    I have installed Ninja Trader demo from Mirus Futures site. It is really good. But strange thing is I asked Mirus some questions by mail about the minimumm deposit to open a live account , intra day margin for ES and they haven't responded so far. I'll wait.
  6. keri60


    Can you tell me how to switch off the voice in Ninja Trader. I mean confirming placing orders, fills etc?
  7. Tools/options/general tab/ then check off the sounds you don't want announced
  8. Go to the NT website to watch all the training videos for the basic ops of the is all there. :)
  9. Come on just ENABLED this trader to come here and keep asking us all these simple basic questions.....LOL! :D
  10. TYtrader


    Did you check TradeStation Securities
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