Broker's screw up in my favor!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by rednephilim, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. How about that! I've been burned a few times by them and never got a decent reply as to why, so this time I'm KEEPING IT! The price that I bought at was indicated on the chart by a doted line, and I was about -8 pips out of profit, when I finished surfing, I re-opened the chart and found that they had moved the line to 30 pips IN PROFIT! Thats 38 free pips. Closed it out and took the profit to make sure the line didn't move back!
  2. skipper


    Congrats to you! Its not every one who can screw their brokers in these bucket shop arena. But from what i hear, sometimes even when the profit has been taken, some ***** go as far to debit your account claiming a misquote or whatever. (The best is to withdraw the $$$). :D

    ka~ching ! ka~ching!
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    yes, Refco/CMC has reversed trades before.
  4. It's only a few hundred bucks, so I'm hoping it stays under the radar. Thing is, if they made a misquote that blew out a stop loss, would they then entitle you to the money that you would have made when the stock moved the right way?
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    soon you'll find out why fx dealers are called bucketshops. :D