Brokers offering stocks and futures from same account?

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  1. The speed, or lack thereof, in Thinkorswim is quickly beginning to annoy me. When markets are fast, the entire platform bogs down and I am left twiddling my thumbs while it catches up.

    Is there a direct access broker that allows you to trade stocks and futures from the same account and has a platform that doesn't bog down?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Interactive Brokers?
  3. IBKR has a faster platform with better execution than TOS?
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    Yes, and much cheaper. But the learning curve is steep. No hand-holding.
  5. Other than IB and TOS there is Tradestation. Anyone else use a platform where you can trade both simultaneously?

    For anyone using Tradestation, how happy are you with executions?
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    I just clicked one of the open account buttons... Sorry about the mention :(
  8. So no other options outside of the major firms with crap technology?
  9. Just go with IB. Don't over think it. They are very professional and handle their data very well.
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