Brokers offering eMini (ES) in Canada

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  1. Hi, just wondering what Brokers offer emini trading for Canadian Residents.

    I know that IB does, anybody else?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. l2tradr


    Quite a few US brokers allow you to open Futures accounts with them. Globalfutures, Mirus, Zumo etc.
  3. I was under the impression that things have changed because of new Canadian Laws...

    Does anyone here is a Canadian Citizen and have account with one of these brokers?
  4. Sharp2be, what are the new laws ? any site address ?
    this all originated in Ontario didn't it, dealers group rather than government ?

    i know FXCM shut down its Canadian arm and the minimum margin to trade
    forex rose to 3%
  5. Wallace, apparently companies such as Tradestation no longer allow Canadian residents to have accounts with them... same applies to Velocity Futures.
  6. Alt. Capital is Toronto based.
  7. Most US brokers will not allow you to open an account anymore due to some ridiculous anti-money laundering law.

    Maybe some will but in order to find them you will need to really expand your search.

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    The only additional documentation required for foreign accounts is a copy of a government issued photo ID. We have clients from all around the world. Feel free to contact me with any further questions.
  9. the only other requirement i've seen from a US fcm is to sign a form
    stating the company hasn't solicited you to open an account
    which i think is the main reason for a US/etc company to register
    in Canada
  10. Dandxg -- do you trade with them? Recommend?
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