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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bufferman, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. So far I have been offered $4.50 RT and free J-Trader.
    If you can beat this rate then please send me a private message.

    Currently I am not interested in X-trader.
    I usually do 5 - 10 RTs per day, but for the last few weeks I've been doing 20 - 25 RTs per day.

    When I resort to scalping its usually much more.. around 40 - 60 RTs, but again, it all depends. I trade with 2 and 3 contracts.
  2. What is this, Where is William Shatner?
  3. William Shatner.. that's a name you only hear in AA meetings or geek circles.. haha
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    Which one is this? :D
  5. When you cut your deal ask the guy if you can post your "special rates" here and maybe he will give you a bonus....and we can save time and share in your good fortune?

    Michael B.

    P.S. To get that $4.50rt how much money did you need to open with? Did you get Jtrader with no volume quotas to get free?
    Did you get this deal at Advanced Futures?
  6. Michael,

    I got that rate from the people you hate. The people you accused me of working for. They ask for a $10k account, no volume quota for the free J-Trader.

    And I am not posting rates by specific brokers bcuz I don't want to get flamed by people here who have nothing better to do.

    thank you.

  7. Hey Bufferman,

    I do not want tell you then where to get a better rate, as I might frustrate you. I only am trying to help.....By the way a trader I know got 4.10rt at your the place you say I hate. But he is a smooth talker and makes friends in high places :)

    Michael B.

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    IB require only 2K, ask for a compromise.
  9. I have been offered $4.12 RT (Mini Dow) and free TWS.
    If you can beat this rate then please send me a private message.

  10. How can he trade/daytrade the ES with 2K? But perhaps 5k would be reasonable. He can transfer more in from his insured accounts if there is a drawdown.

    He could probably trade NQ at IB with 2k.....they are 50% margin for RTH session right?

    The place he is talking about allows $500.00/contract one-session margin.

    Michael B.

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