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Discussion in 'Options' started by cloned777777, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. I want to trade spot ( forex ) option , american style ; ( not the one that pays if you touch this price or if you touch that price play, but rather a traditional options trade ).
    And no futures options ( ther eare plenty of them ), I need spot options...and ofcourse, plz, plz, plz no europian ( not that i dont like them, but what is up with one not being able to exersise when it is in the money ?)

    Thank you for you support.

    Elite traders forume is the best !
  2. What is your question? Are you looking for a particular trade on a certain currency? A certain broker?
  3. I don't think you understand how people usually use options, european or American style. Very few options are exercised, meaning that whether are european or american only effects valuation, not the ability to limit risk. For example if you are long eurocurrency at 1.200 and buy a european style put with a strike of 1.200 for 0.030 the most you can lose until the expiry date is 1.230. An american style option will be worth a little more maybe 0.035 but your risk profile is the same.

    I think in your last post you are asking how do you take profit on an european style option before expiry day. Well the option value with change with the value of the underlying (delta) so you just resell the option that you bought. (In fact exercising is just a way to pay more commission)
  4. Thank you for elaborating it.
    I am re thinking my strategy to fit the europian style options trade now.

    Trust me, I had a very good reason as to why i wanted to use american style.