Brokers gave different ES value during yesterday (May 6 2010) crash

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  1. Thinkorswim low of day was 1066.5
    Interactive Brokers low of day was 1056

    Both were for the same June 2010 Contract.

    I am not sure I trust values any more. They tape is slow. I use TOS for charting and options trading.
  2. 1056 here with Ninja/Zen
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    Ninja zen was phenomenal during the crash, no hangups, fast as usual , that 5 minutues on the way down was breathtaking to participate in. I covered all my shorts as soon as I saw the tail forming and pinched myself about 4 times because I didn't think it was real. Very happy with zenfire. My thinkorswim was lagging during the crash.
  4. Everyone covered all their shorts at the bottom.

    There was one person rumored to be long but that was only one contract.
  5. low was under 1059.50.

    Look at this fill, bitches.
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    Thinkorswim data is highly un reliable. It's okay for playing, but not a serious tool.

    Their Trin and Trinq are almost always wrong, their $tick is wrong, and very often even prints are wrong.

    IB is probably the best out there, even better than e signal, but the charts leave a lot wanting.
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    Is that supposed to be a real trade, or just a joke?

    Why are the other trades blocked out? And since you copied and pasted that into word, can it really be trusted?
  8. TOS here and the /ESM0 contract shows 1056 flat
  9. I had a buy fills at about 1059, and in the mid 1060s, incidentally using IB. The 1050's low is correct.

  10. TOS adjusted their low of May 6 crash to 1056 a day later !!!
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