Brokers for Shorting

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rbartell, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. rbartell


    I've seen several posts in this area, but info may be old or not addressing all of these issues:

    I currently use IB and have pretty good success shorting stocks (as far as availability), but run into a bit of trouble when trying to find available shares for stocks with a smaller market cap (say 200M).

    1) Where do other brokers stack up as far as shares available for shorting and the borrow rates? Are there brokers equal to or better than IB in this area?
    2) Would it be worthwhile to try a multiple broker approach? In other words, how much overlap is there between brokers?
    3) I've seen a lot of posts about IB and buy-ins. Is their handling of buy-ins any different than that of other firms?
  2. jjs235


    I'm very interested in learning the answers to these questions as well. Can anyone out there help? Thanks.
  3. njrookie


    I would love to learn about this as well and would appreciate anyone that can contribute to this topoic.