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  1. Interactive Brokers - they support 220 countries and they are big retail brokers. low commission, 10$ inactivity fee per month for small clients

    LightSpeed seems to accept international clients, however, it looks they are only for US equities. I haven't tried them.

    Trading212 - ATM not accepting new candidates, UK/Bulgarian company which grow fast, no commission

    TradeZero - if you don't mind using a broker from Bahamas. I don't know what happens with dividends if you are using them

    SaxoBank - high provisions, custody fees

    Does anyone have to add any other broker?
  2. tdameritrade
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    Most U.S. brokers accepts clients from around the world except 'bad' countries. List up brokers who don't accept foreign country clients instead.
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    TradeStation US
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  6. I do not know your definition of bad countries, but most US brokers do not accept clients from the EU.
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  7. I don’t think they accept new clients from the EU unless they recently changed their policy.
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    No chance
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    That used to be, many moons ago - `til ESMA: Few US brokers accept EU clients, and even of those most will not allow you to trade ETFs like SPY, QQQ, TLF ,,, you name them. Notabel exeptions being TastyWorks, Tradestation, eOption etc. --- but not IB, TOS, Ameritrade, Schwab, Fidelity and most others.
  10. As an International client I work with Interactive Brokers.

    There are many US brokerage firms that accept business from International investors. The ones I know are; Interactive Brokers,Lightspeed, Speedtrader,Ameritrade, Firsttrade, Tradestation, Charles Schwab (some countries don't show up but you can call and ask), BoA Merril(I think there is min account requirement for them) There could be more but these the ones I know in the US.

    In Europe there is Degiro & Saxo capital markets. Also Bulgaria based Alaric Trader but I think they offer US equities only.

    In Singapore there is Phillip Securities(They also have offices in major financial cities) & KGI securities.
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