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Discussion in 'Forex' started by obsidian, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. obsidian


    Hi, does anyone have a list of FX brokers that offer CNH (offshore Chinese Renminbi)? So far, I see FXAll, Saxo, and Barx.

  2. You can also trade the corresponding futures contract at most futures brokers. It may not have quite the liquidity of the NDF forex but I have traded it and it is accessible at a lot more brokers.
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    Thanks for your response. Yeah I'm aware of the CME RMB futures. I actually need to do quite large size (5million USD+ tickets) for hedging purposes, so I don't think the futures work for me as I would end up with a pretty chunky open interest in the futures. Also, what print do the RMB futures expire at?
  4. I agree Forex NDF may be better in that case.

    The futures settlements are listed at

    If that is accurate, they do look very thin right now. They were more active in the past.

    They are also available for some other similar RMB pairs.

    Somebody would still take the other side and arbitrage against forex NDF for you so you could still do it in futures on a limit order but I agree Forex NDF is simpler.

    Maybe there are other products on other exchanges now....
  5. paulcai


    OANDA has USD/CNY currency pair.