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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by tmclimon, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    My broker (Alpari, 10th birthday) is offering a 10% credit bonus for any deposal. As I am currently demoing and wondering with which one I'll go live, I think I may go Alpari, 10% is a sweet gift.

    Anyway, as a newb, I wanted to know what kind of gifts are offered by other brokers. It's kind of difficult to gather this information. And even more difficult to differentiate the real gift from the trap :)
  2. anouka


    That 10% sounds good, that depends on the size of your deposit anyway. My broker Tradeview is offering $100 bonus for a referral plus $50 additional on the referral’s account. Just do some math and see which one will give you more.
  3. tmclimon

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    hehe, yours means I should get forex-minded friends :), not sure I can count on that.

    Anyway, 100$ is a nice incentive. Is it redeemable ?
  4. chalice


    Forex-Metal broker offers a free debit card with $100 on it when you open a live account with them.
    check out at
  5. anouka


    I think it is deposited into your account and I guess that when you make your next withdrawal you’ll either get money from what you already had on the account or those extra $100, I don’t see the difference.
  6. chalice


    This is info from Forex-metal website.

    How to get the FREE card:

    Customer must open a trading account at with a minimum deposit of $500.
    Out of the funds deposited we transfer $100 to the debit card allocated to the customer in order for the card to be activated.
    At the same time $100 is credited back to the customer’s trading account as an interest free loan.
    The card and $100 on it belong to the customer.
    The customer must not withdraw the deposit or any money from the trading account for at least 30 calendar days. During this period the customer must make at least 10 lots worth of trades.
    In case if the client does not complete the conditions specified in # 5 and after 30 days wants to withdraw the money from the account, he can withdraw everything except the $100 loan.
    If all the conditions specified in #5 have been completed, the customer may withdraw all and any money from the trading account.
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    Forex-metal seems like a nice broker. Will look into it. Btw instaforex, etoro and fxopen also offer bonuses.

  9. couscous


    I've been getting pretty good stuff from Tradeview guys. I received a pretty good bonus just for recommending a friend, and it was on pips. ;)