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  1. Anyone knows any futures brokers which allow 2 different strategies on same symbol? The broker allow to put two different strategies with opposing direction? if 1 strategy is to buy 1 contract and while the position is open, strategy call to sellshort 1 contract, the broker should treat them sperately.
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    I **think** Tradestation allows you to do this.
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    The all do. It's up to you to keep the systems separate.
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    it's all in your mind
  5. don't think all brokers does that. If there is open position from strategy 1 and while open another strategy sellshort, this will close the initial brought position. what is require is the initial brought position should kept open while the other strategy open the short position. both should be separate. my broker said this is not possible as if there is a sell on a brought position the brought position will be close out.
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    Can you not open a new account, or a sub-account on your current main account (to allow pooling of capital across both accounts)?

    If the trades are attached to seperate accounts, a sell order on one account should not close a long position in the other account.
  7. This is 100% false. I still don't understand why people don't get this.

    You open a long, and then you open a short. You are net flat no matter what you want to call it. Then you close your long by selling. Now you're net short. What's the problem? A buy is a buy is a buy is a buy. A sell is a sell is a sell is a sell. Forget shorting and covering. Buy or sell. This is not rocket science, but traders and brokers alike seem to really not get this concept.

    Try calling into a trading desk and telling them you want to "cover." See what they say.
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    it's all in the mind: meaning if you add the two strategies up you have two posities if they are on the same side, you have none if they counter each other, you have one if one is closed and the other is open. You don't need two accounts, you can do it in one, you just have to keep track over your total position.
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    Totally agree with what you say. But there are circumstances where you want to keep trades seperate - like building track records for two or more different strategies. Then using two accounts can be useful.
  10. Legitimate point. For that purpose, you are correct.
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