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    Most financial advisors/brokers/sales people spend their time cold calling/reassuring clients.

    Although they do not "trade"/daytrade, do some FA's actually make stock selections that have an impact? Could they even be considered to be swing trading their clients accounts to some degree?

    The reason I ask is that there are some FA's in the industry that seem to be more geared towards results, and less fluff. I think the founder of The Monitor Group comes to mind. He had a somewhat quant background prior to his mba, (kautt) and is known for implementing monte carlo methods in his advisory.

    In other words, some FA's don't give a crap what happens to their client's accounts...they are constantly selling and reassuring. But here is the question:

    If you were a decent swing trader, couldn't you make that work for your clients as an advisor? (if you were so good you could just quit and do it for yourself, but thats not the question...)