Brokerage w/ Stocks options and futures

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Sky123987, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Besides IB. I was wondering if there are any other brokerages that offer Stocks, Options, and Futures all in (1) account.

  2. Think or Swim.
  3. hmmmm... is there any other beside think and rip off?
  4. OptionsXpress, but their commissions are high.
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    MB Trading, Noble Trading, Etrade come to mind.
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    The OP asked about trading Stocks, Options, and Futures in one account, TradeStation DOES NOT offer this. You need two accounts.
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    Why is this in Prop Firms? :confused:
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    Did not know that. Honest mistake. My apologies if true.
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    No need to apologize, why post information you are guessing the answer to if you do not have actual experience or bothered to Google TradeStation website? It only hurts the person asking and makes you look ignorant.
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