Brokerage for aggressive automatic scalping

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a brokerage that i could suits my automatic trading system

    with these criteria:

    1-Segregated accounts with keeping deposits safe + regulated.
    2-No more than 50k Deposit required to open account.
    3-API trading.
    4-High volume(1b to 2b) per month and high frequency ( thousands orders) per day.
    5-low transaction cost.

    I have now LMAX and Dukascopy. Do you recommend certain Currenex brokerage?

    Please share.

  2. I just did a broker search using 100forexbrokers tool.

    Although my search criteria was not tight, i got small number of brokers and mostly were shitty ones.

    I only selected the regulated currenex brokers.

    It gives me some that are regulated nowhere. :(
  3. LMAX and Dukascopy is more than enough for this purpose.

    I doub't that you will be more successful with other Brokers. Keep an eye on the commissions and you're all set
  4. Yeah, for that kinda stuff Dukascopy is a good choice. They'll do FIX and JForex API trading.. execution and liquidity are good but if you're doing such a high frequency of trades then maybe you'll need to test them out first and see if their execution speed will fit your needs (they are fast, not saying anything bad, just not the fastest.) As far as tick/quote quality, JForex blows away other offerings...

    I've played with LMAX through a few venues before but not extensively enough to suggest them. In theory they are a good choice. Not impressed Goldman Sachs dumping their share in LMAX though.. I would love to see LMAX turn a profit and get on stable ground before I commit myself to their API and broker-specific tech.

    Pepperstone just got FIX connectivity, which opens up Integral's ECN grid feed:

    As with most Integral quote and liquidity feeds (which are really becoming popular lately) you'd be participating by taking liquidity only (not adding,) but in turn the spread is narrowed more so than I've seen on Dukas or other ECNs. Even just 0.1-2 pips thinner will make a huge impact over thousands of trades. Of course, this will depend on your strategy to see if that sorta thing fits.

    Hope that helps.
  5. iqtaa


    dukascopy seems to best choise for u. Their API is very good.
  6. Yea .. However, the execution latency in Duka is around 500ms. This is bad.. But liquidity is very good.

    They still a choice but not on the top.

  7. It really helps.

    Thank you very much