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    I think I have had it with Interactive Brokers. Sure the fees are among the lowest out there. But their customer service SUCKS! I just hung up the phone after being on hold for 15 minutes to get a margin question answered. I have a Fidelity account, great great customer service, but margin requirements and fees are not the best. I have a futures only account thru Transact and they are on phone immediately, but I can only trade futures.

    who has recommendations please
  2. My advice to you, John 99, is to switch to Etrade.
    Their fee's are rather very reasonable, if you are considered an active trader who does reasonable, easy trade volume.
    The bigger you can always personally negotiate fee's, fee's that are otherwise different from their advertised rates.

    In case you don't know, their website URL address is -- tell them Lawrence from ET sent you. I'm on a first name basis with them.
    2018, all the best, and Mazal tov
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  3. John9999


    thankx... I have never looked at Etrade... will do later...

    I would also love to find a good brokerage, that offers the cash management account as well, with checks, debit card,,, etc...
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    Etrade looks good.... what is the customer service quality? can yo get them on the phone easily? how about the trading platforms? is there stand alone? is there a web access trade access?
  5. I agree. IB must have some really idiotic customers they feel they have to protect, because they do some really odd shit.
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  6. toc


    IB is good fees and other services. Slight delay in customer service should not make one change accounts.

    IB's fees and fills beat anyone around. Have heard of Robinhood trading that have no fees but do not know if they make up for it in the wider fills.

    Try to contact IB in non business hours and you might get faster inputs.
  7. John9999


    @toc.... I am not willing to work around their schedule... I think IB has other issues as well. Like a few months ago when we could not access the trading window for several days.
  8. Visaria


    I don't recall that.

    I called them last week for a trade enquiry...answered after 9 mins...not great but not too bad either.
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  9. John9999


    yeah just do a search,,, I think maybe it was around November...
  10. zdreg


    don't call.
    use alternative methods of communication.
    before doing anything ask yourself do i really need an answer and in what time frame.
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