Brokerage firm for S-corp owned by non-us resident

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by gorkemk93, Feb 13, 2022.

  1. gorkemk93



    I will start business in Delaware, US for the purpose of trading financial contracts on my own account. I am non-US citizen/resident and whole process will be remote. Could you please advice me a brokerage firm for this?
  2. Robert Morse

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    What country are the owners from? Will you have a real address in the USA? Will you have a bank account in the USA? These are some of the questions I would ask to see if we are a good fit. You can contact me directly if you wish.
  3. gorkemk93


    Sole owner - from Turkey
    Only business adress which will be provided by the registering agency
    Bank account will be opened over

    Thank you in advance,
  4. tiddlywinks


    To qualify for S corporation status, the corporation must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a domestic corporation
    • Have only allowable shareholders
      • May be individuals, certain trusts, and estates and
      • May not be partnerships, corporations or non-resident alien shareholders
    • Have no more than 100 shareholders
    • Have only one class of stock
    • Not be an ineligible corporation (i.e. certain financial institutions, insurance companies, and domestic international sales corporations).
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  5. gorkemk93


    Yes, I've just become aware of this. Changing the question as 'C corp'
  6. otctrade


    I found that most US brokers don't wanna touch any foreign owned entity. I think IB is the rare exception. Good luck with it though.
  7. Robert Morse

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    We have many foreign accounts, but to us, this would be a domestic account with foreign ownership. The owner can't be from a restricted country and the domestic entity will require an address where you can get mail and a US based bank account.