Brokerage-Chat Site Securities Fraud: A Lawsuit

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  1. Do not give this guy any personal information. He may be a fraud! I do suggest however that you read that discussion from its first post. Very mysterious character. Might be a great detective story ...

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    ...or a great clinical case for a psychiatrist


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    i fully agree with sniper trader that you shouldn't divulge personal/financial info, particularly not over the web and more so not to someone you don't know from adam:

    ***My comment wasn't actually intended for your benefit - it was intended as a caveat to people who may not understand the pitfalls of what you're asking. I strongly suggest - for many reasons, the potential for identity theft being just one - that people not give their personal information to a stranger on the internet. Even worse is giving personal financial information.

    I don't suppose most people understand how simple it is to get a social security number on the 'Net when you have a name and address - I'm not going to tell you how to do it, but the bad guys already know how. With some account information, a clever bad guy would be able to clean someone completely out.

    I also think that the proper person to be engaged in the identification of potential plaintiffs is a lawyer. A lawyer has training, and a lawyer has privilege, and a lawyer has a fiduciary duty, and a lawyer has accountability. None of which you have.

    You may be a good guy, and have the best intentions in the world, but you're just another alias on the Internet, so who knows?***
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    as far as fraud or false and misleading day-trading claims go there are a number of federal agencies targeting those:


  4. Oh Man!

    This guy Ollie is just completely insane. Glad he is not on this board. He runs a 2500 a month chat room and now he wants to sue all the chat rooms for wrong doing. I don't get this guy. LOL

    Oh and he threatens to sue anyone and everyone who criticizes him. Sounds familiar? I know of another guy who runs a chat room that threatened to sue everyone. LOL.

    I don't get it. Is it an ego issue or just plain insanity. And the sickest thing is that he has people giving him their personal and financial information without a proof that he even has an attorney behind him.

    What is the world coming to?

    Have a good weekend everyone,