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  1. arizona


    I am looking for a reputable broker who would handle my soybean and corn trade for 10 dollars round turn, fees included. My account size is 40000, I trade 3 to 10 lots
  2. matthew



    Couple of questions.

    How do you plan to access your account and place your trades? Will you need any special services?

    Your volume of 3-10 contracts, to be honest if that's your volume for the whole summer, it wouldn't be worth someone's time to do the paperwork to open the account. If it's more they may be able to make the numbers work.

    Are you an experienced trader? That would be a factor in your favor.
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    I'm not sure about your volume, if you mean per day or week or
  4. KB96


    I use these guys. I'm a retail customer, so this is an honest replie. There are a division of MAN financial. I have had good fills with them and you can trade all the markets. Its the same price whether you trade online or phone in the order. and it really is $5 perside all fees included except at New York. But you said you are going to trade beans and corn, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. arizona


    The 3 to 10 contracts is my entry order, some weeks I put in 2 or 3 orders in ,some weeks I do nothing. If I am right, I like to keep trades 3 to 5 weeks. The majority of time I am out sooner. I am getting interest from brokers , I prefer Chicago based. Thank you for any info. I really like this site.