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  1. I am looking for a broker where
    - I can fund the account in pound sterling GBP
    - I can trade FESX (EUREX DJ EUROSTOXX 50)
    - I can get cheap commissions for a volume of 0-100 Round-Turns / month
    - I am not charged any monthly / inactivity fees (i.e. not IB)

    Any suggestions?

    The best broker I found so far is Open E Cry where I can get USD 2,12 per side i.e. EUR 1,56 per side using an EUR/USD FX rate of 1,36.

    Any cheaper broker around?
  2. Open E Cry ? How often is their connection to Eurex down in a month ?
  3. I trade with OEC and all their connections have been rock solid for a long time. Maybe if Asusilovic traded with OEC he/she would know that. Don't take a shills word as gospel. Also, the new version 3.5 is really good.
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    IB perfectly fits your needs: commission is 1.21€ per side, no problem funding your account with GBP and trading securities denominated in other currencies. And this 30 USD inactivity fee? Are you kidding?
  5. You have no idea what you are talking about. Rock solid ? ha, ha, ha....
  6. Variance Futures can offer all the above
    - You can fund with GBP
    - You can trade FESX (and all other Eurex contracts)
    - Rates that beat other brokers including those mentioned above (starting at $0.90/side + exchange fees. This is ~ €0,97 all-in )
    - No inactivity fee or any other nonsense.

    You can visit our website. Not sure if we are allowed to put a URL here.
  7. Their inactivity fee is only 10 USD a month. It becomes 20 USD if your account equity is below 2000 USD, but never 30.

    How can 10 USD a month become a problem for an inactive trader? :confused:
  8. Try to place an URL. Some parties may have true interest...
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    Ever heard of google?
  10. OEC is 1.29 Euro only for the first 500 sides a month then goes lower to 0.99 Euro. This rate keeps going lower the more you trade. Also, no monthly minimum volume. OEC's software is very good. Bang for you buck I just don't see how you beat it.
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