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  1. I am looking for a broker where
    - I can fund the account in pound sterling GBP
    - I can trade FESX (EUREX DJ EUROSTOXX 50)
    - I can get cheap commissions for a volume of 0-100 Round-Turns / month
    - I am not charged any monthly / inactivity fees (i.e. not IB)

    Any suggestions?

    The best broker I found so far is Open E Cry where I can get USD 2,12 per side i.e. EUR 1,56 per side using an EUR/USD FX rate of 1,36.

    Any cheaper broker around?
  2. any advice please?
  3. Has anyone looked at velocity futures, I see the following commissions for FESX:

    X_TRADER Subscription:
    Contracts per Month Per Side Per Round Trip
    Level 1: 0-2499 €0.73 EUR €1.46 EUR

    X_TRADER Free:
    Contracts per Month Per Side Per Round Trip
    Level 1: 0-2499 €1.23 EUR €2.46 EUR

    Is it really possible to have X-Trader for free and pay EUR 2.46 RT? It seems really cheap compared to Open E CRY, I also thought X trader had a cost of USD 650/700 a month? Can X Trader really be free or did I misunderstood something?
  4. Thanks for your reply Increasenow, I was feeling a bit alone on this forum.
    I visited Global Futures, they seem very serious, NFA and CFTC since 1998.
    Do you know their commish on FESX using Turbo Trader 2?
    Is this platform really good?

  5. I'm sorry I do not know the answer to that question...I use their Global Strategy Trader platform and have always really liked it...send me a private message if you want the name and email address of my global futures broker rep...great quick service always...I've been with them since 2006
  6. I am demo testing X trader 7 with velocity, it's very quick, the commissions are better than Global futures and they are very competent, I think I will open an account with them
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    Have you opened the acnt yet? I am thinking of doing the same.
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    I've been with VF since Jan '08. Good firm, great people. Night desk also if you are trading European markets.

    As I understand it, VF pay the TT fee for you, and charge you $1/£1/E1 per RT above their ordinary rate to cover this. Your breakeven point will depend on your monthly volume- if you trade euro products only it will be about 400 RTs per month, then it makes sense to pay the TT fee instead of taking the free version.
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    Does anyone know if the TT data feed from Velocity offers a back fill (on Ninja Trader) ?
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