Broker with the best list of shortable stocks?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ZebProctor, May 25, 2005.

  1. What broker have you had experience with who has the most stocks you can short? I'm tired of entering a short sale only to be told there are none to short. I'm with E*Trade fwi.
  2. There's already a thread on this topic over in the retail brokers forum.

    You've already got the bet short list you're going to find. I've tried lots and lots of brokers and I make my hard to borrow shorts at ETrade.

    Reg SHO has made short availability much worse than it was in 2004.

  3. Genesis

    Have been able to SS 99.9% of what I want to short....
  4. Serge Pustelnik

    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Genesis outsources its short list to a very strong stock loan corp. Therefore, the fact that we are self-clearing has no bearing on our stock availability.
  5. Thanks, maybe E*Trade is the best, but I know a week doesn't go by that I plan out a nice trade, wait till the opening bell, place the order only to be greeted by a message that I can't short that stock... that list ought to come in handy, now I can reference that before I even start my planning...... so if the stock is on that list it's probably shortable right?
  6. Zeb, that's Interactive Brokers' list, not E*Trade's. However I'd be very suprised if you could short something at IB but couldn't short it at E*Trade. The converse is true routinely, that stocks which are not shortable at IB are shortable at E*Trade (and BrownCo, and Ameritrade).

  7. Serge, do you believe you have better short availability than Interactive Brokers? They publish their list daily so it shouldn't be hard for you to tell.

  8. NKNY


    Are you refering to Computer Clearing Services. ?

  9. mats


    what about the commission for shorting, some brokers charge
    1.5 cent per share per day to borrow, which is expensive.

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