Broker with non-MS Windows API ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fxPadawan, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Do you know a broker where I can use a Mac which runs OS X, or Unix, or Linux and write my own automated trading system?

    I am thinking of Java, C++, C, or really whatever language interfaces with the API provided for these operating systems.

    Also I am focused on Forex Mini accounts say $2,000 to start (the brokers I have seen range from $200 to $500 to open a mini) and 200:1 margin.

    Also I would prefer a free API, but please post non-free API's as well. Oanda comes to mind.
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    Interactive Brokers.
  3. Thanks, but from what I understand,
    IB wants $25,000 for a trading account?

    I didn't see a mini. I want to see what I can do with $2,000. I don't yet have $25,000 to risk.

    "IB offers two types of forex, IDEALPRO for forex traders of over $25,000 USD or equivalent, and IDEAL for currency conversions under $25,000."

    Okay, now I'm seeing the "Account Minimum Deposits" with restrictions for Day Traders.

    Do you think the Day Trade restriction is to protect me or to screw me?

    And is the margin 50:1 which I understand to be $2,000 minimum per trade ($100K lot size)? I'm not trying to test my entry to this market with the results of 1 $2,000 trade. I was thinking more about 200:1 leverage for a $10K lot size in a $2,000 account. $50 per trade.
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    I just want to correct your numbers a bit. $25,000 USD is a minimal lot size on IDEALPRO. 50:1 leverage means $500 per trade. $5,000 USD is a minimum to open an account. Day trade minimum is unrelated to FX trading.


    Oanda as you said for the lot sizes and margin ratios you want.
  6. Thanks ids.

    Yes I know about Oanda. Thanks. When I know my live system can cover the cost of the API and if there are any other fees, then I will consider them. I'm still in demo mode.