Broker with low commissions for 10,000 shares?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by innovest_11, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. IB is not cheap when it comes to 10,000 shares? And also auto liquidation policy not right for me

    MB trading/lightspeed, etc depends on Penson, so not quite interested

    Any more brokers, with good margin rate, low commission $5 for 10,000 shares?
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    I sent you a PM....Bob
  3. JamesL


    MerrilL Lynch Edge - 4.95 a trade for active traders - of course, not direct access tho.
  4. the speedtrader website says their rates are negotiable...
  5. Speedtrader also clear thru Penson, so many brokers clear thru Penson, I'm trying to find one which don't clear thru Penson, and offer cheap commissions, but seems so difficult, so far the best one I have come across is OpenECry i think..
  6. OpenECry goes through Schwab.

    Cheap commission means your order is sold.

    Either pay direct access rates or have your order sold.
  7. r-in


    What do I need to know about Penson? You keep mentioning them and seem to want to avoid them, and as I'm looking to get a equity account back open I'd be interested what is up at Penson.