Broker with biggest inventory of shares to short?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by torewy, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. torewy


    Hi all,

    For a guy like me who likes to short stocks - mostly those that are under $10/share - can you tell me which broker tends to have more shares available to short - ETrade or Interactive Brokers? I don't care much about HTB fees since I mostly trade intraday. Many thanks!!

  2. TradeZero_Dan

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    Check us out,
    Facilitating shorts, especially in the sub $10 range is our specialty.
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  3. RedDuke


    why do you even care??? Naked shorts are all over the place.
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  4. 10_bagger


    u should care about htb fees because unlike interactive broker E*TRADE charges u the htb fee as soon as u enter the trade. What’s even worse is that E*TRADE charges u three days of htb fee interest if u short on Fridays regardless if u hold overnight or not.

    i wasn’t aware of this and raked up thousand of dollars of htb fee with E*TRADE before I found out.
  5. xianzai


    When will tradezero open up for Canadians again?
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  6. Fain


    How much shortable inventory do you have? Or is it mostly just facilitating through other brokers?
  7. newwurldmn


    yeah. The stock is immediately locked up for delivery three days later.
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