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    Hi folks, I'm a long-time day-trader looking to move from ThinkOrSwim but have been looking for brokers that offer a Native Mac app (emulators or Parallels never seem to work well for me).

    It seems like my current options are:

    1. Lightspeed with Sterling LST
    2. Interactive Brokers with Trader Workstation
    3. ThinkOrSwim

    Are there any other that I should be aware of?
  2. volpri


    You might want to take a Trial run with Infinity Futures web-based AT pro that will run off any you have internet etc. They also have a PC version of the platform if a trader wishes to download the platform.

    you might find the web-based sufficient for your needs. They will give you a month free trial.
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  4. ET180


    Isn't ThnkOrSwim based on Java? TWS is Java. Both should run with only Java installed, no need for emulator or Parallels. If you are looking for a Mac C/C++ based app, I think your options will be very limited. That's such a small market.
  5. Hi, I am a full time trader. Motivewave is ok, you can set it up with IB. It is not veyr fast but it's stable. If you don't need a very fast execution it will be fine. I trade futures, it should be ok for stocks also.
  6. Ates


    Tradovate has native Mac app... Most of them who supports MAC is java based.
  7. Have you tried using Wine? It’s a pretty decent software that I’m using for running MT5 on my MAC. Out of your list I would choose TOS.
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  8. toby400


    Infinity or AMP - I ask because I have no knowledge of USA brokers but understand both deal with small accounts ( Micro Futures) ? I am UK based
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    Infinity platform runs off any device
  10. toby400


    So does AMP with tradingview charts platform but I was referring to the experiences of USA traders with either company. Which company is more popular? among small account holders?
    And thanks for taking time out to reply. Much appreciated.
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