broker with $500 dt margin contracts + lets u trade stocks from same account?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by johnpalley, May 19, 2010.

  1. does one exist? this would be perfect for me
  2. OEC/optionsxpress? However I doubt that OX allows $500 intraday like OEC did prior to being bought by OX.
  3. are you talkin about
  4. if your talkin about than they dont allow that. i just called them
  5. I don't use them but E-Trade could be a possibility. :confused:
  6. nope not them either but thanks for trying to help me
  7. It is not the same account with OEC/OX but it is the OEC software with both accounts all integrated. Same charts, same quotes, same p&l and you can move money back and forth pretty easy. I trade both futures and stocks on OEC platform really pretty cool. The software automatically routes the trade to the correct account based on asset type. Worth trying.
  8. ....Robbins Trading or Ira Epstein Company could be a possibility. :cool:
  9. I'll 2nd the OEC reco.

    It's not perfect in terms of just 1 account but it is nice and convenient, esp to have all your charts right there in same platform.
  10. both of those websites dont have alot of info on there websites and there closed. il have to give them a call tomorrow. thanks!
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