Broker Where I Can Trade 100mill Per Click

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Moe27, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Moe27


    never heard of newedge, please P.M. with more info, by the way i will give aaronetrade/adm a try.
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  2. Moe,

    I forgot to mention that once you get to the BARX, EBS, etc. platform you will be very disappointed by the spreads. The higher end is not as high end as you'd think. The retail outfits are quite good. I mean, imagine this kind of retail access back in 2000? Unthinkable back then unless you had at least 5 mill to trade.

    I know what Moe wants. He is trying to prepare for the future and not have to switch brokers later because his order size increases and his current broker puts a cap on it.

    So far:

    Oanda: 10 mill max
    IB; 6 mill max (on E/U)
    Dukascopy: 500 mill max (I think)
    Currenex: not sure, but I'm sure it is in the 100s mill
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    about time someone understand where im comming from. i heard about ebs, barx about there spreads are not that good, witch is a surprise.
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    Newedge is the merged company of Fimat and Calyon, one of the largest prime brokers in the world.
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    B.T.W. i do know of a few good currenex hub out there i was just wondering where other traders are trading at. i realy don't need a answer to my question just wanted to see what broker traders was using. ok im done with this thread, good luck to all forex traders out there.
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    10 damn pages and nothing but junk talk, man you guys are real pro's.
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  7. Hi,

    The answer to your question is that it would take more than 1 billion to move the market during peak hours. After hours is another story (just like YM after hours). The RBA just spent 3 billion trying to rescue the AUD. No CB has enough reserves to reverse a major trend. All they can do is try and manipulate other traders into taking positions in the direction of the new "trend". Here is an example of when the RBNZ (usually pretty open about their policy) intervened and failed to reverse the major trend in 2007. I guess they finally got what they wished for (perhaps more than they bargained for). ;)

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  8. I tried but I can't really answer, since I have the same issue. If you have a good currenex hub go with that, but realize that the banks have more control than you do. Currenex practically hands it to them. There is also last-look, etc. I also heard that slippage can be brutal on stops and market orders. You are really getting full exposure to the market as it really is.

    Oh, btw, I got a VCAP demo a while back and the depth was terrible. Also the platform kept freezing up.
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  9. Thanks for the info. That is a crisp looking chart. What provider is that?
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  10. Quote from Moe27:
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    Quote from Moe27:
    10 damn pages and nothing but junk talk, man you guys are real pro's.

    It is TWO pages, not TEN. Try counting on your fingers AND your toes. And that is pros not pro's. Go find your friends Larry and Shemp...
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