Broker Where I Can Trade 100mill Per Click

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Moe27, Nov 22, 2008.

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    the problem with working with vcap and there cax set-up is that i don't do 250mill volume in a month, i take 1-4 trades per week and hold trades from 1-4 days, trade range from 10-30 mill per trade, but i have a lot of weeks where i only make one trade per week
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    maybe fxtrader42 or traderkgb can help.
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  3. I don't think the broker is the problem, let's start with basic math:

    2 trades a week at 30 mill is almost 250 mill.

    I think you are full of it.
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    no you just don't get it, there will be some month i can do 250mill per month for the cax set-up then there months i will only do 50 to 100mill depends on the market also i have weeks when i sit on the side line base on what my system gives me. im not here to debate if i have a big account or if im doing big volumes, i just need a broker where in the future i wont need to change broker, i been with my current broker since 2004 and now im looking for a broker that i can be with for a long time where i won't need to make a switch any time soon.
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  5. lol, have they booted you out of FF again Moe?

    100m per click, sure no problem, try the Bank of Toytown first and if you have no luck there try the Piggy Bank.

    Hope that helps.
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    im not doing 100mill per trade at the moment try to undertand the question, now i see why so many loose in this market, you spend to much time hating. b.t.w. are you still trading micro lots? :p
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    i guess no one here trade over mini lots , so mod can you please delete this thread, thank you. :p
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  8. Oh I don't hate you Moe, people like you keep me amused, you're something to laugh at like a clown or like that GabbyJay guy, is he a friend of yours, a close friend, lol

    No luck at Toytown Bank then? Ok, email Noddy or BigEars, I heard they have 3.7m with an MT4 broker as well :D
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    little man grow up, i wipe my ass with goons like you everyday, small timer stay on your level.
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  10. lol, ok big-timer-3.7m-MT4-account, I wish I could be like you!
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