Broker wanting photocopy of credit card

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  1. Do you think that is a legitimate request because you're in a certain country?
  2. Possibly sure. Eastern Europe is known for identity and credit card theft. Offer to give them everything but the 2 of the digits. Maybe they are thieves?
  3. If you are not paying for a brokerplatform or datefeed with the creditcard then I would decline.
  4. Legitimate, if the broker has an interest in the credit card - like the fees mentioned, or if you are charging your account with a credit card (more a bucket shop then, not a real broker).

    Otherwise - tell them to stuff their request where the sun does not shine. Seriously. Unless they have a valid interest in the card (and then ONLY front OR back - never both, because then they have all data for online order) per se, they should better get a copy of your ID card to identify you.
  5. yes. It is legitimate in any country. Credit card numbers have been stolen and sold to a very high degree. Even the post office has been requesting to see my credit card after scanning in for a purchase.

    Think of it this way. If someone opened an account in your name or emptied your account, wouldn't you be screaming at them that they should have done more verification?
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    If you're concerned about the broker knowing the entire number, ask if you can block out the first 12 digits to where they only see the last 4, plus the name and expiration to confirm the card.
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    I had to give a photocopy of my passport, never heard about credit cards, as people have said if you're concerned just ask them about blocking some numbers or something. If they demand the whole anyway then they're probably out to scam you.
  8. Who's the broker?
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    Yeah who's the broker??

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  10. FXClub. I participated in their trading contest and since they have a $10 minimum and qualified for a $20 bonus because I was profitable during the contest, I figured I would go ahead and just open a secondary account I could later use as a higher risk account. If it blows out, it wouldn't be that bad if it was just a secondary account.

    In any case, right now the application process kind of stalled because they told me to go ahead and change my address after logging on to their website. However, when I log on, I get a message I have to upload a copy of a document (I guess any) to prove my identity. Problem is, I already did that, and they sent me an email saying I should clarify my address. Anyway, I just sent them another email saying I can't really modify my address when I log on and asking them which document they really want. Or WHAT they want. I'm losing my patience with them so I'm not totally sure I want to have an account there or not.
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