Broker vs. Trader?

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  1. What is the difference between a broker and a trader?
  2. one makes his money in a pasive way, the other loses his money in an active way :)) muhahahaha
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    A broker typically connects a buyer and a seller and acts as an intermediary for a trade. He takes on no risk and earns a commission for his services. A trader assumes risk from the transaction.

    For example, you call a broker on the NYSE and ask where you can buy 50,000 shares of IBM. He asks the crowd. A trader in the crowd says he’ll sell you 50,000 shares for $128. You instruct the broker to buy the shares. The broker buys the shares from the trader for $128 and sells them to you for $128. The broker never has any risk in the transaction, and you pay him a commission for his service. The trader on the floor is now short 50,000 shares of IBM and has assumed the risk.
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  5. A broker is an over glorified used car salesman. Usually cold call to get clients. Most of em don't shit other than what their firm tells em. They actually get inventory lists of stocks to move at some firms.

    I know this to be a fact because I used to be one. Those that are really in the know, often become traders, or money managers at independent firms. I really mess with them when I get the occasional call.
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  8. Broker is to trader as car salesman is to race car driver.
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    a broker/financial advisor has clients and clients pay premium commissions for trades and advice.

    A trader just trades for profit and has no clients.

  10. A trader can make a living by trading

    A broker cannot
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