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    First of all I do not work with anyone and am not trying to sell anything. I just want some info. I currently use Genesis's navigator thru PFG to autotrade. I like the front end of genesis but i am having an awful time with PFG (pricing, disconnects, etc.). I recently learned that TransAct Futures can be used for navigator. The price is good but I don't know anyone who uses it. If there is anyone out there, is it reliable? Its literally 75 cents cheaper than what I pay at PFG so that makes me a little curious.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I'm using it via Infinity Brokerage. There is no platform that stays up 100% of the time. I've only had trans act go down once. And it was for a very short period of time. Fills are fast, statements easy to understand.

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    Thanks Cajun!
  4. I also use Infinity Brokerage, great broker in my opinion, great commissions, great fills, and good customer service. The platform also has many good features like 3 sets of multiple exits, with, or without trailing. Last week I had the platform go down about 3 times in 1 day but was back up and running by the time I logged back in.
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    I had problems with Trade Navigator. Too many disconnections

    I prefer the combination: TransAct AT + Sierra chart

    It is more reliable

    My thinking is that you should have ALWAYS one trading software and one charting software ( s e p a r a t e ) and one backup account
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    so you had connection problems using navigator with Transact? How often would it disconnect? Do you think there's a problem with Genesis (Navigator)?
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    I am just trying to tell you that if you want to trade safe, use TransAct AT and a separate charting software.

    I have still not found one "all in one" software that works well

    Hope it helps
  8. Anybody know what DTN IQ symbol is for TransAct symbol 6EM7 emini Euro Dollar. It looks like @MEM7 but that symbol does not match the DOM and looks more thinly traded that 6EM7

    I have just added the new feed to Sierra.


  9. Hi Spectra,

    Do you mean that you are using Trans act software and Infinity is your broker? I don't see Transact as a support software on their site. Also is Transact free?
  10. SPECTRA.........transact futures is a broker , yes ???.... what is the advantage of using their software thru another broker (infinity) ???? thanks in advance
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