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  1. I trade HSI through IB. But IB sometimes has long delay in executing the order, and its system is down every night around 12:00pm ET for 30 seconds - 5 minutes.

    Does anyone know other brokers that support HSI future? The platform that I use is ninjatrader.


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    Please contact our technical support and ask to switch you to Asian servers. You will see a big difference for HSI.
  3. Can this switch be made on the fly? E.g., can I choose the server in order to trade US markets via US servers during the day and then HSI via Asian servers at night?
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    Sorry, the answer is no. You can have two accounts with us though.
  5. Thank you for the reply
  6. Thanks! That sounds like a good solution. I already have one account, what's the best way to do this? Should I just submit a new application? Or contact someone at IB? Or something else?
  7. Is there a way to verify that the server TWS connecting is based in HongKong?

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    Please contact our technical support with these questions.
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    Try contacting Rosenthal Collins or one of their introducing brokers. If i am correct, you can trade HK futures with them through patsystems.

    Hope this info helps.
  10. You just need to check whether the ip address that TWS is connecting to is in hk. Do this when you are getting hsi data though as it may be connected to a different server at other times.

    If connected to hk then one of the IB addresses will have the domain .hk (two if you have recently downloaded historical data).

    An easy way to do this is to install Prio with the IP option selected. Then when you open Windows Task Manager you'll get the IP addresses (interpretted) of the connections you currently have in the TCP/IP tab.

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