Broker suggestions for EU citizen

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nobert, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. IB-AN

    IB-AN Interactive Brokers
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  2. Jeronimo


    Possibly -

    those that are not partly or fully regulated by an EU countries regulator like the FCA or CYSEC.

    So an Aus broker only regulated by ASIC for example.
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  3. Nobert


    Registered within Etoro.

    Available only for EU citizens (and some countries in little Asia region).

    Min funding account requirement - $200. ,,Good''. :D
    No commissions. Good.
    Withdrawal fee $25. Ouch.
    No short sales available. Ouch.

    They have this copy-trader feature, where, if one chooses to keep his account public
    ( by default it is,unless thou decides to make it private ) ,

    other users, ordinary folks, can track your trades & kinda copy-paste those within their portfolios.

    So what's the benefit for you - you might ask ?

    Lets say you get followed by 100 of such copy - trade users. And the total amount of their capital is $100 000.

    You get paid a ,,management'' fee of 2% per annum, so $2 000 - goes to you...:rolleyes:

    3 days period for them to confirm my account.

    Il give a shot there &... Wish me luck !


    Shorts is a must, cuz of exposure etc, so in future i will try Saxo Bank as well.
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  4. Nobert


    First real trade, long position, eToro platform :


    Might change them into Plus500, there they have no withdrawal fees, while eToro has $25.
    (not that im going to withdraw often, more likely bring in new capital)
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  5. No. That is not the case at Interactive Brokers or Saxo. They hedge the position by opening a similar position in the underlying.
    #35     Nov 16, 2019
  6. Nobert


    What kind of a fool/idiot games are we playing here ? :)
    (im talking in general about CFD's, not straight to you @Maverick2608)

    Why CFD's are B-A-N-N-E-D in US ?

    What is the intention of the broker ?

    Which outcome will benefit broker the most :

    A} you making money all the time by holding CFD's positions and broker pays you his money ?
    B} you loosing as much as you can and broker takes your money ?

    And what do they do,

    when correlation with underlying turns against them, don't they have a right to close/liquidate the position ?
    Why do they have that option, because things like that happen, and then who suffers ?
    Ofcourse, not the broker - but retailer - that's right, what kind of surprise that was.

    There are more fees , when you own CFDs instead of shares of your own, when holding over the night or weekends especially.

    Then you got stories, where someone made nice profits, from a huge position, and by the end of the month, they receive some weird unseen huge-fees.
    (what reading between the lines says , your earned too much of our money )

    It's a trash derivative/financial product and every new person should avoid it.
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