Broker suggestions for EU citizen

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nobert, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. sakisf


    There's tradezero too. I made an account with them after reading on tradingschools but never funded, never traded so can't tell more. Some say they are cfd's - due to no pdt rule - I don't know. The only EU equivalent is degiro but you say they don't accept you there... I would also check keytrade, ING (bank) and captrader (fxflat futures/stocks side in DE - IB to IB but 2k € min account).
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  2. Nobert


    Thank you for that,

    i shall contact their and Blick client service, the next week.
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  3. Hittfeld


    Well Saxobank are not easy to work with. PDT rule only applies for trades at US brokers.
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  4. Hittfeld


    With any EU (incl UK) based firm you will nit be able to trade ETFs, just plain vanilla stocks. And aside of IBUK (and theit introducing brokers Captrader, Lynx etc) no one will offer you RegT margin. So you should consider swiss cfd brokers like IGbank Switzerland.
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  5. Nobert


    Vanilla stocks, will be fine & lavarage is not necessary.

    Great !

    You had any expierence with them, or maybe someone that you know, had ?

    Btw, thanks for help.
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  6. Peter10


    if you will be trading forex or CFDs, i would not recommend them because there will be conflict of interest. But if you will be trading stocks on an exchange, then you shouldn't have a problem. Your order will be passed to the exchange so you don't have to worry about their stop loss execution.
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  7. Have you tried Forexchief broker? Very good for EU traders. I use this broker and happy to recommend. Their minimum balance is $100 and no conflict of interest for sure. Check it out if it will qualifies per your needs.
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  8. luisHK


    Any more feedback on degiro ? their fixed commission comes to a fraction of IB's on some european markets for larger orders (especially for Spain, for which IB has no maximum commission nor unbundled pricing). Thinking of transferring some funds and positions there upon moving to Europe. Interested in buy and hold unleveraged EU stocks and ETFs positions, anything to worry about ?
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  9. TradeZero_Dan

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    TradeZero would love the opportunity to service your account. In addition to the large inventory of HTB stocks for shorting, we also will provide you with our ZeroFree real-time streaming platform, as well as ZeroMobile, mobile trading app, without any monthly fees.
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  10. avasfx


    Why don't you try Interactive Brokers UK? Minimum deposit now is 2000$, low commissions, if you under PDT rule - you can trade cfd's on stocks in US market
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