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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nobert, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. Nobert


    Citizenship - Lithuanian
    Working & living - Netherlands

    I ask here, in order to avoid conflict of interest, that might be hidden, in pages , that shares reviews. ( affiliates etc )

    I was about to go with IB, but, to trade stocks, even with PDT already under effect, they ask for $20 000 min net liquidity.

    TD Ameritrade, given the details i provided, refuses to create account.

    Fidelity ?

    Das Trader ?

    Then theres Saxo Bank from Denmark.

    Min acc size $2 000, high comissions for US equities ( $9.9 ), yet, i read in investopedia, that they do not guarantee, stop loss execution, which for my swing approach, is ,,a must."

    Please link to any simmilar topic, if there is one, other than that,

    - any advices welcome & Thank You.
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  2. smallfil


    There probably are, other brokers in the European Union including, the Netherlands. You just have to keep looking. Each broker has its rules as to what they will accept including, starting balances. I would think European Union brokers might give you better terms since, you live in the continent.
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  4. Peter10


    I think saxobank is the best option for you if you trade exchange traded product.
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  5. schweiz


  6. Hittfeld


    If you intend to trade US markets: With binck -like IB UK- you can`t trade any US ETFs, you can trade options on those, but no credit spreads available.
    So remains Saxobank (Switzerland only) or Swissquote.
    But best option I would consider Tastyworks.
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  7. Nobert


    There was some bad comments ( saxo review), about their stop loss execution,

    when it comes to US equities,

    & if i do one swing per week, because im still bellow PDT acc size rule,

    and my stop is set at 2%, and their execution is 5% , in a liquid stock, during market hours, then da hell with them.

    Still i haven't tried them out yet, so , no point to worry.

    Thanks for tip.
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  8. Nobert


    Yup, my citizenship is Lithuanian ;

    - for some reasons, they removed their services, for my country ,

    bad luck for me.

    Yet there was scandal with Russian billions and Deutche bank that owns Degiro, so i look carefully at them.
  9. Nobert


  10. I mentioned them because you stated that you work and reside in the Netherlands. They are active there, according to their website.
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